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Why Host With Integrity?

We built our wholesale web hosting business by providing
quality service that allows individuals to realize great value,
and resellers to make huge profits.

Our 24x7 support and helpful resources enables you to look
good to your clients, and satisfied clients refer others.
We know we can only grow by helping you grow.
We offer a number of services to increase the value of your web site and your business. Please feel free to make a custom request if you need something that we don't offer.
Services Cost Description

Domain Names

low as $5.95

Buy or transfer a domain name. Special discount for all transferred domains

SSL Certificates

low as $29.95

Purchase a secure certificate for you or your client. If you need assistance, we can do this for no charge for all certificates purchased from us.

Dedicated IP Addresses

$8 per mo.
$60 per year
Get a dedicated IP address for you or your client's shared hosting account. This is required if you need an SSL certificate. This also allows you to connect directly to your site using only an IP address.

Account Moves

$1 per account

Have us move your reseller WHM or cPanel account from another host to our server and configure and verify it.

Resell Domain Names & SSL Certificates

$90 per year Signup and make big money selling discounted domain names and SSL certificates. Get a free SSL certificate and $100 Google Adwords credit at signup.

Purchase Live Chat

$15 per month
$99 per year
We have used many live chat programs and have chosen this one for it's low price, and great features.

Purchase a Modern Bill License

Free for up to 10 clients
$24.95 /mo. 50 clients
$49.95 /mo. 1000 clients

Modern Bill 5.x Licenses for you to offer automated account creation, server administration, billing, accounting, help desk, services to your customers on Linux & Windows. Modern Bill is the most versatile of the automated packages available.

Purchase an Lpanel license

$55 per month.

LPanel Licenses for you to offer automated account creation, server administration, billing, accounting, help desk, live chat to your cpanel customers.

Branded Support for Your Customers

$500 per mo.
$2.25 per additional chat/ticket.
Integrity Host can provide resellers privately-branded support for your customers. This includes 24 x 7 live chat and helpdesk support for $500 per month for up to 100 incidents. Live chat and pre-sales are included. Invest your time where it counts and let us do the work.

Web Site Templates
(view screenshots)

$79.00 Premium Web Hosting templates ready for you to customize.

Email Marketing Account

Free Trial
$15 per month starting
Use this email marketing account to easily send mass emails to your distribution lists safely without worrying about looking like a spammer. Includes result tracker, forms and survey templates. 24x7 phone support

Search Engine Optimization Tools

$29.95 per yr. Get your site optimized to the standards Google, Yahoo and partners use when ranking. Includes optimize, analyze, aubmission and reporting tools.
Send Faxes through email $9.95 per mo. Send and receive faxes securely from any computer. Web based manager allows you to manage settings and archive preferences.
Remote Backup Storage $10 per month per 5GB Take an extra step to minimize risk and have a copy of your account's daily backup securely copied to a remote storage array.
Quote for a REAL merchat account
(Usually low 2%)
Request A Free Quote - Types:
In-store, online, wireless, high-risk are all available.
Most merchant account providers quote their per-sale fee low, but only for "qualified cards". But reward cards, corporate cards, etc. don't qualify and so you get charged upwards of 4-5% without even knowing it. This provider has the same low rate for all credit cards.
More Services

Email Sales: bestprice@integrityhost.com

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